About - Next Day Label Printing

Custom Label Printing in 24 hours or less – That’s our motto and that’s what we do. When you need a small quantity of 1 to 1,000 stickers, is the place in Los Angeles you can count on to get the job done. All types of businesses already know this and have helped us grow into the most reliable and trusted print provider for your label and sticker printing needs in the greater Los Angeles area.

Stickers and labels have always been a popular promotional tool for a wide variety of uses. Our clients include retailers, restaurants and bakeries, clothing stores, non-profits, manufactures, cosmetics, healthcare, edibles, politicians and the list goes on and on. So the next time you see a sticker on a gift bag, tube, edible, wine bottle, car bumper, laptop, jar, skateboard, your child’s wall or your favorite street sign, you can bet that did the job. We’ve printed stickers and labels for numerous brands, creating unforgettable “sticky” impressions every day of the week.

We use several common label stocks that produce excellent full color reproduction. If the label will get wet or if cosmetics, oils or other chemicals will be in your container, we have waterproof lamination options to choose from that will help protect your label and add sun protection too.

Labels and stickers can be cut to any size under 12.25” x 17.75” and we can even custom cut just about any special shape from a die line. All of our label jobs are provided to you on full size press sheets with an option to have the labels cut into 1 up singles.  These short run label jobs are all manufactured at our store on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles.

For more questions about sticker printing, get in touch with a customer service representative or check out our FAQ page.